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Stumbling over nonsense or is it

Many times I have seen myself attack a problem and find myself dividing each nuance of that problem into more smaller problems. This is routine for myself in determining how something works. But in the past 7 to 10 years I started breaking down the barriers with defining the smallest of nuances by learning about physical properties of the materials used to make these small and sometimes significant improvements. these improvements came from learning about quantum physics, metallurgy, molecular biology, physiology (plants to humans), and advanced mathematics.

Saturdays are my days to get together with like minded scientists. Yes over the course of the last ten years I found a niche location where these fascinating men come together and speak about the problems they are dealing with in scientific terms. There are no boundaries here our discussions come forward with perplexing contemplations. To this day I know of several lingering unanswerable qualms, and to this day no answer has been discovered. Yet we all know that working through these interesting problems together we get to each place our values and concerns on the table. Sometimes these conversations lead to complete solutions, and we celebrate! We celebrate not only our discovery but we also celebrate our time together. We are all getting older and I am the youngest to be accepted into this realm of scientific pioneers. Our time may be shortened as our eldest member is nearing total retirement, but not with out his vigor for life. His brain is still active and nourished with answerable suggestions its his body that has developed flaws of extremities with pain and anguish equals arthritis.

Science is amazing in many ways, not only do the elder citizens involved in science evolve but we encourage the young to follow us in our teaching ways. Just how much can you impress the young adults with going on to college and studying this cornucopia of intermingling diversities? It depends on the mindset that our youngsters are encouraged to imagine when we are young. As a self absorbed youngster I found not being able to  get to an answer via our encyclopedias at home, very troubling. I had questions but when I could not resolve the answer asking my engineer father only resulted in me distancing myself from furthering my education. No parent uses a guidebook to teach their children on the dos and don’ts of life but it would be handy wouldn’t it?

While this blog is all about a High Production Algae Project in order to develop that singular product I have had to ask a lot of questions in my life time. Since 1994 when I was first shown the internet, I have been hooked in getting all those pent up questions answered. And sitting here additional questions arise and I can get them answered quickly and efficiently. After searching the internet for hours on many days and not finding the answer that best served the problem or equation that was pestering me, I went elsewhere. I went to my local college, or I went the the state university and found a willing professor who could help me by guiding me to find the right people to answer the perplexing questions I had. I am still asking those questions, and I am still investigating answers to the qualms my friends on my Saturday afternoon gatherings devise. You can only accomplish these hurdles with solid results, and together with my scientist friends we will solve these hurdles and make life better here on earth.

Winter by the Creek

Winter by the Creek



What babies learn before they’re born

Because we are still us while awaiting our birth. Our humanity begins at fertilization.

This is pretty mind-blowing news. A game changer.

Brookhaven astrophysicist Anže Slozar reacting to the first evidence of gravitational waves from the Big Bang, reported this morning from the BICEP2 experiment at the South Pole.

The stunning result shows that cosmic inflation theory — the idea that the universe underwent an extremely rapid and violent expansion in its early moments — can be proven through direct observation of ripples in the light from the Big Bang. The BICEP2 team found patterns of swirls caused by gravitational waves in the cosmic microwave background, light left over from the birth of the universe. 

Slozar goes on: “If confirmed this will most likely be a Nobel prize. People always hoped to detect gravity waves from the early universe to learn about inflation, but nobody had an idea how strong they might be and nobody dared to hope that they might be as bright as the BICEP2 data suggest. (In fact, they are so bright that they evade some earlier limits from a different measurement, so obviously we are not at the end of the story). Again, the signal is so strong that we can really go and characterize it and learn a lot about the early universe and fundamental physics.”

(via brookhavenlab)


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Innovating the Algae Production

Well I have been observing a new Linkedin group I joined and the ideas innovators and inventors Groups really is not what I expected. Each person is trying to promote each others products, show that they have a better solution for some form of way to accomplish goals and attributes and finally sell something.

My thought was that people in this Group would really be talking about how they come up with their Ideas, observe their innovations, and showcase their inventions.

I was not looking for salesmanship tactics, social media, and the other false hoods of networking to better yourself. As a real life Innovator I view this world from a different angle, my perspective of how things work and interact are so different then the normal sole who exists in this society of fit, form, and function. If your grand parents did it this way then I should follow in their foot steps routine is tossed out the window, not in my world.!

The Keystone is missing; the pinnacle of all requirements to grow Algae in ways we have all dreamed is possible you just have to realize your not going to achieve this following everyone else’s order of accomplishing this task. A keystone is the top stone placed in all tunnels that holds the walls of the stone set against the curved walls to hold steady in place once positioned. With out the keystone your walls would come tumbling down. In the algae industry the cultivation is missing, everything else has been achieved and then some. But to make all those gadgets and gizmo’s work you need lots and lots of Biomass. Growing it the same old way isn’t going to be your salvation, it will end up your demise if your not careful.

Supporting Data - This is critical

If you can’t support your own observations with supporting information coming from the rest of industry it seems you are doubted till you can prove it. The pressure has been on since day one when I mentioned that I will be growing my algae a certain way that is different then anyone in industry at this time. This caused some of the intended listeners to be cautious and continue to pester me on how I can do something no one else is!

Industry has protocols and procedures that limit our abilities to mimic Mother Nature, I have used her name directly as it irritates my followers who insist I use Natural Elements as the root cause not the Woman of Nature! But reality speaks volumes when I mention my own observations are much more pronounced then those of industries practices. Why can’t industry listen more intently when I speak of such absurdity ways of practice they are feeling compelled to behave under. I am not saying drop everything that you’re following in the laboratory procedure just the way you’re actually allowing the algae to grow. If you can’t see the difference between a natural bloom of algae and your laboratory procedure you have not got your eyes open enough to see the difference.

I read a lot of material mostly thesis’s of other people in the realm of algae culturing or behavioral practices of other industry growing algae. Mostly I am looking to support my statements I make and wonder why no one else is doing it my way. When you stand out side the realm of current industry practice and shout YOUR DOING IT WRONG! They the industry leadership tend to ignore you. Yet there is some truth to my words and the leadership continue to follow my way forward. Yet reading gives me time to find supporting material that shows I was right all along. How much information is on the net in the algae industry is starting to dwindle. No one wants to share ideas, creativity, and that is a serious downer for those not quite involved in the industry just yet. 

I have been banging my gavel on the podium since January 2007; I have a following on >250 on Twitter, 500+ on Linkedin, and several followers on Tumblr with more then 1,000 phone numbers in my contact list on my cell phone. If I call each person on my cell phone these people know my name, and know what I am involved in. I wear Kelly Green in honor of the algae I like to talk about, and have grown algae in my basement for a demonstration model. I understand laboratory procedures followed will produce a better output; I clearly understand that being a rambunctious noise maker will soon stop. Because I impressed the right people and they clearly feel production of this unit I claim will do more for the Algae Industry.