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If you don't mind, what setup are you using for photos/videos? I love your blog!


Thanks! I just hold up a digital camera to the microscope lens. Ideally I should have an attachment that connects the two, but I’ve never gotten around to getting one. 

In the photos/videos that have a black background, I turn off the light of the microscope and instead shine a bright LED flashlight either above or below the sample. This mimics dark-field microscopy without the need for expensive equipment. Hope this answered your question! 

This is how you don’t spend too much to accomplish great things! Thanks Merismo

Attitude Part II

In following along the lines of those who take it on their shoulder to find ways to overcome those who feel something is too large is to challenge the common sense values and find a way to solve that problem.

Currently working on a validation Proof of Concept experiment. Once completed this will be an end to the frustrating sometime insults I have received over the past 8 years.


Throughout the history of civilization, the world has been blessed with a few individuals who were predisposed to focus on how something could be done, rather than why it could not. These are the people who say there is always a solution bigger than the problem. They ask questions. This is the foundation of Western Civilization born from the Ancient Greeks.

Because of these, we have:
Built the Parthenon.
Did not sail off the end of the Earth.
Discovered the earth goes around the sun.
Built the Panama Canal.
Cured polio.
Harnessed electricity.
Went to the Moon.
Went to Mars.
Sent Voyager 1 beyond our solar system.
…and so much more.

I am proud to be a member of a group that believes in the possible.

Author Tom Alston

Stop Burying the air I breath !!

Long Term visions on how to change our emissions platform has the world looking at Carbon Sequestration. Instead of burying the dirty air we should find ways to convert the air we emit from burning fuels to generate our electricity into useful products. Hence a focus  on emission re-utilization.

As a scientist who focuses on Carbon Dioxide re-metablization into useful materials. I find that the idea that our government wants to send our emissions underground a horrible idea. Some one did not look at the math this incorporated correctly, who did the math any way Pinocchio? That is right I am pissed to hear they want to force the air I breath underground. (Almost sounds like the Movie Matrix with the city of Zion) People do not live underground in this day and age, nor do we inhabit the underworld becaue we want too! I like the sunshine but if you bury my air just what will result is worse then most people can imagine.

Air we breath on the surface of the planet consists of nearly 80% Nitrogen, an inert gas that displaces the oxygen of when dinosaurs roamed the planet. Back then oxygen was nearly 100% of the air those creatures breathed. Today we settle for just 18% Oxygen, with the remaining 2% of gases in the realm of the pollutants and other gases we ignore. Since Carbon Dioxide is considered the worst in the #EPA ‘s agenda they focus on changing its level even though its below 1 % of the total amount of gas in our air. Yet that approach also reduces the growth of Agriculture’s crop yields as well as takes away our Oxygen converted by photosynthesis in plants and oceans. Right now at our Nations observatory the CO2 level is just .04% of the total air we breath yet we are going to tax businesses who produce emissions of high amounts of CO2 emissions to reduce just a smidgen of the percentage of what all humans on this planet need to breath. If your going to bury our oxygen along with your carbon your approaching the subject of reduction completely wrong. Why remove the oxygen in the air that is attached to the carbon molecule with no chance of recovering this oxygen particle ever again once its underground.

I have relatives suffering from COPD a common breathing frustration that also hinders those allergy sufferers, and asthma suffers too, As the reduction of oxygen becomes more and more apparent with more and more people suffering choking and weezing for that last breath you will find runners of great distances getting slower and slower. All this because our government sees placing the oxygen that we breath underground.

Just who do you see about stopping such a catastrophe?

The answer is Algae and growing the algae at the polluter, no greenhouses allowed. Just very productive PBR’s churning out fresh oxygen converting dirty CO2 pollutants and other gases ( yes other gases [Carbon Monoxide/Methane, hydrogen sulfide etc.] have been confirmed at being converted by Algae not just CO2). The idea is to push #algae directly into the needs of industry for food , fuel, and pharmaceuticals.

No longer a Student

For years I have been a student learning all I can about the physics of how everything works. Today I must confess that I am no longer looking very much at all these days, but instead teaching others all the nuances I have found.

I have a diverse background and many different realms of science interest me. One of the main culprits of my interest in the last 3 or so years is the realm of Chemistry. Yes in high school I received I believe a A- in that class.  But I had a teacher who had a unique balance between his realm of the way chemistry was taught and my world of understanding.

I see the world through a different perspective; Let me rephrase and repeat that statement. I need to see a different approach to how a problem is solved. It gives me the jeepers when someone is trying to explain how they see a problem and how the solution is not that difficult to understand after I interject my viewpoint.

I am not Microsoft but, I too believe the best way to find a solution is in having multiple ways to solve the same problem. It is not about the program or software it is in the delivery of that solution that needs fixing. Jeopardy the TV Show gives a round about reversal in the way you deliver the response to short phrases meant to stimulate the answer. Microsoft’s solution deals with the OS’s having three different ways to do the same operation in the hardware, sounds like a tough system. What it does instead it creates openings of opportunities to exploit if you were a hacker.

In the Realm of Physics and Chemistry I need more details about the Chemical Elements. Everywhere on the web I found not enough information in one location to satisfy my curiosity. Where is the openness I hear about on the web, why am I not able to find the mysteries I have bound in my mindset and can not unlock? Chemistry is a fascinating realm of science but it is also a true engineering frustration, just ask my chemical engineering friends. Those valance electrons are rascals, determining their existence and their ability to course the quantum realm of physics by joining or removing themselves from a mixed concoction, interests me! Yet no where on the web do you find this realm of existence that can be easily explained with simple equations or a chart with visually capturing the imagination. I want to be easily afforded the comfort that I have started a revolution in the Open Source code of developing a solution to this mesmerizing frustration. Imagine the new young herd of problem solvers who will need a resource and be able to reach this truly amazing educational tool and solve the problems!

Developing the Tool - Humans like visual stimulation when learning, sitting in a library and reading a book is just all right. But if everything you need is in just that book then there would be no need to find stimulation to course a new path for self discovery. Cross referencing between different books tends to complicate problems sometimes giving more then one solution to the same problem. I think Television and Movies are great tools to invigorate the mind by allowing us to visualize the possibilities of science evolving. Great Movie writers of science fiction titled stories have been complimented for devising ways to see the future and enhance the minds of observers conquer difficult problems. I for one like to watch movies that give us insight into possibilities of what could actually occur if, and that is a serious if of hurdles to compile into a solution to educate the concerned.

The Movie Iron man II has a moment when Tony Stark the character is analyzing his fathers display leaning up against a wall in the CEO’s Office. As soon as he throws the Strawberries in the trash can something sparks his imagination. Taking off the sheet to reveal more of the display he stands back and looks at the display with a visual cued stance as if peering through a peep hole. What he envisions is a secret message his father was trying to tell his son with this display in designing a new element. We all know you can not make an element with hardware as is mentioned in the movie (That’s movies for ya, giving you insight and then going farce on the topic sometimes in the same sentence - I stand corrected you can make elements today in the laboratory). But the movie idea of scanning the display and then allowing Tony to develop a holographic 3D image that he can manipulate with hand gestures would be awesome. In one day I saw several realms of this idea of mine to devise a way to show case the chemical elements in a whole different manner. Hardware would be to use something I found a TED called an ORB developed by a father and son team of James N Sears. A Link to this unique device is listed here: This device displaying the geographic display could provide just the same amount of visual stimulation to answer those many questions of how an element exists. We would fill in the gaps like the Iron Man II movie with visually displaying the valance electrons around the globe. peering inside the sphere you would be able to see the  Protons, electrons, and all the other information that could be displayed with colors as depicted on this web site: as I place Hydrogen as the element in question. While this web site is accurate and presents the information correctly it does nothing to conjure up future scientific minds with inquisitive questions formed by the abilities of potentially describing the mixing of two elements with visually stunning results.

I am going to work on this development, if anyone in cyber world would like to aid in developing such a tool for educating those interested in science then please feel free to contact me!

Entertaining scientists with reducing their Mole Hills

Quoted from a LinkedIn post I made in the Group => Algae: about “Developing Biological Process Technology”. My comment is mentioned below

The Problem and how to approach it is the root cause I see. First you need to find a true Innovator, this is a person with an unusual gift to solve problems. Those problems don’t have to be in the same or a singular science realm, this places PhD recipients out of the Innovator selection. You need to find a person with a diverse aptitude with all sciences to the point that they know and understand areas which translate to combining usefulness to form a solution.
There is a process which everyone of these Innovators use including myself in which we will question everything about the problem with hundreds to thousands of questions. Each question will break a piece of the problem into understandable broken solutions. You will get many different solution pieces and each one will combine with the single focus to which they have been tasked. Usually the problem is a packaging situation in which the end package does not exist, or stands firm and the problem does not fit the equation. Twisting the equation to fit the package means assimilating the existing situation if there is one to be observable to the Innovator. Observation is the second piece in the Innovators Mindset, you have to see something visually to fit the package, even if the package is not in real life form and able to be touched you can still draw or sketch an object and devise a solution for this package.
A Innovator does not know it all as you can see they just don’t come up with the result in a matter of minutes it make take some time and determination. You have been introduced to the first Two of a four step process Innovators take in solving the problem at hand. The next or third step is the Networking step as the Innovator does not know everything handed to him and looks to reach his team of specialists to which he or she will entertain with the problem and their ideas on solutions. Sometimes more observation needs to take place and sometimes returning to the pestering of more questions to the person who summoned the Innovator with the start-up of the problem in the first place will be needed.
Last but not least after the problem has been thoroughly hashed around and a solution looks imminent the Innovator will find a way to experiment to show the solution works.
There you have the four steps an innovator takes to solve most problems. I have been doing this for many people since the mid eighties but, only in the summer of 2012 did I found out I was an Innovator. I knew I had a crazy way of solving things and people knew I had this gift, I just never knew it was classified as something so useful.

Soon after posting this comment the other participants re-named my intentions as a Generalist. I for one can’t see an innovator being described as a Generalist. Innovators should not be renamed, we are what we are a uniquely gifted problem solver.

End of Rant

Stumbling over nonsense or is it

Many times I have seen myself attack a problem and find myself dividing each nuance of that problem into more smaller problems. This is routine for myself in determining how something works. But in the past 7 to 10 years I started breaking down the barriers with defining the smallest of nuances by learning about physical properties of the materials used to make these small and sometimes significant improvements. these improvements came from learning about quantum physics, metallurgy, molecular biology, physiology (plants to humans), and advanced mathematics.

Saturdays are my days to get together with like minded scientists. Yes over the course of the last ten years I found a niche location where these fascinating men come together and speak about the problems they are dealing with in scientific terms. There are no boundaries here our discussions come forward with perplexing contemplations. To this day I know of several lingering unanswerable qualms, and to this day no answer has been discovered. Yet we all know that working through these interesting problems together we get to each place our values and concerns on the table. Sometimes these conversations lead to complete solutions, and we celebrate! We celebrate not only our discovery but we also celebrate our time together. We are all getting older and I am the youngest to be accepted into this realm of scientific pioneers. Our time may be shortened as our eldest member is nearing total retirement, but not with out his vigor for life. His brain is still active and nourished with answerable suggestions its his body that has developed flaws of extremities with pain and anguish equals arthritis.

Science is amazing in many ways, not only do the elder citizens involved in science evolve but we encourage the young to follow us in our teaching ways. Just how much can you impress the young adults with going on to college and studying this cornucopia of intermingling diversities? It depends on the mindset that our youngsters are encouraged to imagine when we are young. As a self absorbed youngster I found not being able to  get to an answer via our encyclopedias at home, very troubling. I had questions but when I could not resolve the answer asking my engineer father only resulted in me distancing myself from furthering my education. No parent uses a guidebook to teach their children on the dos and don’ts of life but it would be handy wouldn’t it?

While this blog is all about a High Production Algae Project in order to develop that singular product I have had to ask a lot of questions in my life time. Since 1994 when I was first shown the internet, I have been hooked in getting all those pent up questions answered. And sitting here additional questions arise and I can get them answered quickly and efficiently. After searching the internet for hours on many days and not finding the answer that best served the problem or equation that was pestering me, I went elsewhere. I went to my local college, or I went the the state university and found a willing professor who could help me by guiding me to find the right people to answer the perplexing questions I had. I am still asking those questions, and I am still investigating answers to the qualms my friends on my Saturday afternoon gatherings devise. You can only accomplish these hurdles with solid results, and together with my scientist friends we will solve these hurdles and make life better here on earth.

Winter by the Creek

Winter by the Creek



What babies learn before they’re born

Because we are still us while awaiting our birth. Our humanity begins at fertilization.